The Mini Great Canyon: Hiking the Pineapple Mountain

I would like to share some beautiful photos with you and I hope you like it. 😄


I have been experiencing a hiking-heat last year. But then my hiking reduced since my Europe travel. (You know, planning a trip and recovering from that exhausting trip…) This Easter holiday, I am finally able to beat myself up to hike the mountains again. I invited my Europe travelling buddy, Yuki, to come with me on this hike. This should be an easy hike. According to the Internet.

Where we went is called, Po Luo Shan, literally means 🍍Pineapple Mountain🍍in Chinese. A quick search in Google, and you will notice that it is a hike with amazing view and low hiking difficulty. Perfect route for junior hikers and landscape photographers.

Maybe you would like to come along in our journey.

🐌             🌲            🌺

🚄The transportation is like this: Tseun Wan Line to Mei Fu –>West Rail Train to Siu Hong–>Light Rail Train to King Leung


The first half of the hike is all gentle up-slope road. Take one or two breaks and you will do it without much difficulties. Along the trail, you can see people living in this area doing their morning LISS workout.

At 1pm, we made our first stop and ate our lunch. I always like whole fruits and homemade breads. They are my staples. And eating them with the view is the best thing ever. Yuki and I both brought our Europe travelogue so we FINALLY (after almost a year) shared our wonderfully made travelling journals.


After refuelling ourselves, we continued with the trail. This part was an up-slope cement road.
This was our second stop. There were many beautiful photos on the Internet, and I was fantasising this place a lot. We were still searching for place where those photos were taken.



After this stop, we continued the trail  and we finally saw what we have been imagining all the way along in our heads: The Great Canyon View.

When I arrived I gazed at this view in front of me for like a minute without moving or talking. Because it was breathtaking. Until Yuki said to me, “Hey, we are stoned.”

Then it’s photo time.🌞













Why is it called Pineapple Mountain? (Well, and who named the mountains? That will be interesting to find out.) Maybe it’s because of its irregular landscape. So why is the landscape so irregular? It is because of the different erosiveness of the materials of the rock. The area is made out of mostly quartz, granite, feldspar and mica, in which quartz is the most erosive. Hot rainy weather favours erosion, and the erosion reaction occurs in granite, feldspar, mica and quartz.

I have been following so many bloggers on Instagram, admiring photos of them taking on adventures after adventures, exploring mountains, fjords, rivers, glaciers. Compare to those, hiking in mountains of Hong Kong has much less variety. Probably this Pineapple Mountain has the most unique landscape out of all. And this is just like the Great Canyon in the U.S. Well, a Mini Great Canyon. 🇺🇸  🌋


^ I love this photo in particular. It’s like I am listening to the heartbeat of the Mountain.


Then, we started to go downhill. The way down hill is long. Much longer than expected.




^ I love to record interesting plants I saw along the road.


The down hill was kind of long and we were clueless where we were heading towards. There were no signs and little people. Finally, we reached the end point, Ha Pak Lai 下白泥, a wetland area where people love to see the sunset.



🐌           🌲            🌺

Dear readers,

Thank you for reading this and I hope you enjoy the photos. I feel such a privilege that it turns out there is such beautiful mountain in the very very very outskirt of Hong Kong. If you turns out to be my friend studying in a foreign country , and you would like me to bring you out on a hike when you come back to Hong Kong, please let me know. I am more than happy to bring you out. And I hope whoever read this can see the beauty of the Nature in Hong Kong.

Samantha 🙂

🐌           🌲            🌺


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