Pray For Paris











I was being a one-day Internship for my Photojournalism course. One of the task is was photograph Hong Kong Executive CY Leung signing the book of condolence at the French Consulate at 3 pm. Many people of importance came to sign the book, and there’s also Hong Kong citizens coming.

Another task was to photograph the Candlelight Vigil in Tamar Park at 6pm. They sang the French Anthem. I didn’t understand French but it was soft and sounded beautiful. However it was sung in a sorrowful way this time.

When I went back home, I saw many of the people I knew changed their profile picture with the French flag layer on Facebook. And there was a little debate over the profile picture change being a mundane and regular practice.

And I just wonder what are the French people feeling, … like how can I as a human express my care? Should I be feeling sad, or sorry? Or should I be critically thinking about the ISIS issue? What am I feeling?



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